The company derives its name as an outgrowth of the original founding company, Delta Steel Buildings Company, a Dallas based manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Steel Structures established in 1950. The Construction Services portion of the name represents the General Contracting arm of the Delta Steel Buildings, formerly known as Delta Engcon, Engcon denoting Engineering and Construction.

Delta Construction Services Company focuses on servicing the needs of established clients from the past forty years, with a major emphasis on gaining new customers, providing the same Quality, Practical, Economical, Dependable DELTA BUILDINGS from our manufacturing plants located throughout the United States.

Today we offer our customers even more efficiency with single entry computerized estimates, Computer Aided Drafting, anchor bolt, shop fabrication, erection drawings and concrete foundation designs for their projects. This economy allows Delta to offer our customers single source responsibility for their building needs. It is from this established base of clients meshed with a growing list of new customers that Delta Construction Services Company offers Design-Build Turn-Key Construction Projects as well as quality Erection Services for clients utilizing in-house construction capability to complete their building construction needs.

So, for all your building needs, call the Delta Force, Delta Construction Services Company and let the former employees of Delta Steel Buildings Company serve as your single source building supplier.